Future of Digital Marine Procurement Process

11 April 2023 | Capt. Vikas Vij

Future of Digital Marine Procurement Process

In recent years, the shipping industry has undergone a significant transformation, and the digitization of the industry has played a crucial role in this regard.

With the advancement of technology, the future of Digital Marine Procurement Process looks bright and several emerging trends will shape the industry in the coming years. Let's examine the future of Digital Marine Procurement Process and highlight the key factors that will drive innovation and growth in the industry.

Smooth Process, Constant Updates & Availability:
Smooth Marine Procurement Process plays a crucial role to ensure proper functioning of ships at sea. Easy process facilitates communication between shore offices, vessels and provides real-time data updates giving increased efficiency and productivity. In today’s time, many shipping companies are still using traditional method of procurement which may sometimes have inherent flaws and limitations. For example, a ship calling at a particular port may not have all the required products with limited suppliers available, leading to loss of time and incomplete procurement.

Data Management & Reports:
Digital Platform allows both Buyers and Sellers to manage day to day data more efficiently. It makes it easier for Buyer & Seller to track orders and can help quickly by automation to find the right reports & history of their products for their analysis.

User Friendly & Cost Effective:
Digital platform is designed to improve the ordering process online and make it user friendly. Buyer(s) can select the products at absolutely reasonable prices with so much ease with maximum product information and comparison with similar products or different brands. Digital platform can help ship owners reduce procurement costs as there are multiple sellers.

Variety, Packaging & Timely Delivery:
With digital outreach worldwide and product layout with market experience makes it easy for Buyer(s) to choose and order any category of Marine Products through search engine. Products Ordered and confirmed on the portal are packaged well, with departmental tagging if required by Buyer(s) and packing list is displayed on the package. With faster turnaround and short port stay in modern days, complete order under one roof will be found waiting for the ship to berth and quickly transferred on board and it is convenient to check ordered supplies with packing list on each package department wise.

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