How Ship Stores & Spares is solving the Marine Procurement Problem?

08 February 2023 | Capt. Vikas Vij

How Ship Stores & Spares is solving the Marine Procurement Problem?

Traditional Procurement Process for the Maritime Industry:

Procurement management for companies in the Maritime industry is crucial due to the volume of transactions handled by the majority of these shipping companies. Most large shipping companies often have a centralized procurement function with their own employees and standard operating procedures that they must follow.

Traditional methods of Marine Products Procurement have its inherent problems. It is highly manual and therefore subject to several inefficiencies. Typically, the entire procurement process can take 3-4 weeks, mainly due to email communication. In addition, procurement quotations, invoices, and other important records are stored in emails or spreadsheets.

  • Ship is calling different ports and different set of suppliers not enabling continuity
  • Limited suppliers per port may be available to Buyers, pricing issues
  • Buyer may need to search for appropriate supplier
  • A particular spare may not be available; loss of time and high logistic costs
  • There is possibility of no success rate for some crucial spares
  • Quality, efficiency and pricing dependent on limited choices
  • Low chance of addressing grievance and lack of customer service after procurement

Digitalized Procurement Process for the Maritime Industry:

Digitalization has crept in almost every function of the company and the procurement process should be no different. The digitized procurement process is very different from the traditional process and reduces manual intervention unless absolutely necessary, eliminating all the inefficiencies associated with it.

Cart2Port Services Pvt. Ltd. has developed the niche Online Portal, a refreshing change with market place experience, competitive prices and portal serves the purpose of aggregating the various sellers by registering them on the portal, giving tremendous visibility and making it easy for Buyers to choose and order any category of Marine Products online and / or offline.

Digital Procurement & Principle of Aggregation solves the Problem by technology and filters:

  • Ample number of suppliers & products are available
  • Online Portal has vast variety of suppliers for global markets and provides continuity
  • Online portal enhances customer experience, investigates grievance & suitably address it
  • Online Search engine for marine products on portal makes it easy to search
  • Spares can be searched on portal easily without loss of time and logistic costs
  • Seller’s registrations of multiple suppliers of various machineries & equipment
  • Quality, pricing, packaging & timely delivery is monitored uniformly for all products

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