Marine Procurement - Online Ordering

17 May 2021 | Sanjay Gaonkar, CRM

Marine Procurement - Online Ordering

Marine Procurement refers to a long-term strategic plan to cost-effectively acquire the suppliers from a list of vendors who will efficiently deliver the quality products on time and will abide by the terms and conditions. Marine supplies procurement is a complex process including many factors like available budget, purchase timeline, possible risks, the total cost of ownership and many more. This process can be more complex and difficult to handle in the marine industry. Marine machinery and equipment need more attention and effort to prevent over-ordering or running out of stock at times. Over-ordering marine spare parts can bound your money and running out of stock can affect the efficiency and proper working of the ships.

The procurement of marine spare parts can be simplified by choosing an E-Commerce portal for Marine Products who will handle all the related matters efficiently and will make the experience hassle-free for you. It takes a lot of time and hard work to search for the leading suppliers, getting a quote, negotiating the terms, getting the required spare part and many other related tasks. Any emergency caused by the damage of machinery may result in delaying the operational processes of mariners. Engineers or fleet managers usually follow “no buy from outside” strategy to ensure the quality of equipment being used. In these cases, you should have spare parts in stock that can be used in case of emergencies or have contracts with suppliers who can deliver the required equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Shipstorespares.com is one such online order taking system which helps the Buyers to automate the process and makes it quicker. Contacting the One Stop Online solution such as this, electronically can save your time and money. Instead of getting requisition and quotation, the search for spare parts can directly be done on the E-Commerce portal. Shipstorespares.com has complete transparency on product specification in great details and prices are printed next to Products, making it easier to compare prices and achieving cost and time savings and place order directly. Ultimately it makes it easier for the engineer or superintendent to make a decision to procure relevant parts. Strategic sourcing The concerned person should plan the procurement process fleet-wise instead of vessel-wise or office-wise. Strategically planning the sourcing activities can oversimplify the procurement process. You need to know about shipboard machinery and the related statistical data to make effective and quick decisions. The trends of procurement are changing in shipbuilding and the marine industry. People are looking for ways to oversimplify the processes and to save time for other important business aspects. Cart2Port services Group through its portal www.shipstorespares.com helps you in this regard by making available all the stores and spares that you need from their back end root suppliers. The wide range of available stores and spares, competitive prices and fast delivery services simplify the procurement process for marine industry as a whole.